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Marriage is the beginning, the beginning of the family and is a life-long commitment. Marriage is more than a physical union; it is also a spiritual and emotional union. This union mirrors the one between God and His Church.


When two people get married, the “two become one,” it is a bond like no other. It gives you a life partner, a teammate, as you move through the challenges of life together.

For a very long time , people would say « Since we are married, let's love each other ». Later, in the XVIIIth century, it evolved with « Since we love each other, let's get married. » And now we say : « Since we love each other, why get married ? »

Must we get married when we love each other or is love enough for a good foundation in a relationship ? It seems that these days, we put our bets more on love and less on the institution... Maybe it is a question that you and your love one are asking your selves at this moment. So here is why marriage can definitely help you succeed in Love !

Marriage in church is an indissoluble alliance based on very few words, two words in fact that you will pronounced in front of God. «I DO !» Two simple little words that  seem innocent  but yet  very meaningful and they come with many responsibilities. It is those two words that engage you for life to fidelity and research of happiness against all odds. This promise is made to last through eternity and give you strength  to learn to love a bit more and better every day. 

Marriage has lost its power for the same reason most other institutions have weakened, lack of total commitment. Marriage is not a situation which one tolerates as long as it’s comfortable, nonthreatening and serviceable. It is not like an apartment or a job that can be changed when you like, or can afford to. It is a commitment for life, “for better or worse,” a commitment to life, growth, understanding . . . and God.


Marriage is a little like a parachute jump. You jump into a void and both of you will have to trust and give a lot of your selves to succeed in this union.


The  «I DO !»  ties you and engages you to do everything you can possibly do to honor your promise. This promise is more than an avowal. It calls for witnesses. First God, then those we chose but also all the people that come to embrace you in celebrating this day. It unites the spouses with each other, with God and with society.

Marriage is a celebration, a ceremony, because we want to share our joy with the people we loved. It is an exquisite day. It is more than a legal or sacred bond between us, it is a connection, a commitment to our past and our future, our home and our community and our culture. It is many years of living and sharing with your partner, your friend, your lover, your spouse and God.

SOME SAY THAT marriages are no longer made in heaven. On the contrary, marriages are made in heaven; but we keep dragging them down into the mud. We seem to have forgotten a basic truth: that marriage without God is a contract without any substance.


Happily you will reach a shared dream and a shared vision of what you want from life. You will know each other better than anyone else will ever know you. The trust and caring you will  find with each other is the starting place, a pebble in the pool. It ripples through the rest of your lives.


Documents you will need:

  • Recent baptism certificates

Available at the Parish you were baptised.

  • Birth certificates  

Available at the  of the place you were born for Quebec click here

Cost: 425,00$  The cost does not include the musical arrangements and the wedding preparation classes.


You both want to celebrate you love and marriage before God?


Congratulations! The sacrament of marriage is a new big step in your relationship. The English ceremonies are celebrated in our beautiful church Sainte-Françoise-Cabrini in Rosemere


To register to get married at church, you must contact us at least 8 months in advance or you can now register online by clicking on the REGISTRATION button to receive more information and available dates for your marriage ceremony. 

We will gladly answer all of your questions about marriage 

Our opening hours :

·         Monday to Friday  9:00 - 12h00 and 1:00 - 5:00

·         Location :  St.-Maurice Church, 388, Adolphe-Chapleau à Bois-des-Filion. 



Looking forward to welcoming you 

Suzanne MarionHoly Cross Pastoral Animator

450-621-5521 ext 216

[email protected]

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