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Have a great summer vacation!

Every year, we go through the harsh winter thinking of the promise of summer heat. Finally it has arrived to our great happiness!

The gray skies are behind us to give way to a bright sun, look around you and admire all that is given to us:


Sleep with your feet in the grass, your forehead in the stars.

Chasing butterflies in the heather.

Depart with the wind and the sails.

Laugh like a child in the arms of the earth.

Listen to the silence and the song of the sea.

Breathe in the scent of trees and flowers.

To meet the foreigner to discover a brother there.

Break the laws of time, live to the rhythm of the heart.

Drink the fresh water from the springs and the blue of the sky.

Wanting to have a good time, taste the unexpected.

Wanting to inhabit your body, dance in the sun.

To know again that mankind is not the absolute.

Waiting for a stranger on the doorstep.

Surprise your shadow at the bend of an undergrowth.

Hear the echo of his voice that the wind brings.

Relearning Happiness so close to us.

                                                                            Michael Hubaut


The staff members and volunteers of the parish of Saint-Luc, the volunteers of the St-Maurice Aid Service as well as those of the mutual aid counters of Rosemère and Bois-des-Filion, we wish you a summer of Happiness!


Thank you for your immense generosity

Sylvain Lauzon, Priest & the parish work team

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