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Happy summer to all our parishioners,

Summer is upon us, bringing a period of renewal and growth. It is also a time when our parish is more active than ever, with community activities and celebrations of faith that strengthen our spiritual bond. However, none of this would be possible without the financial support of our community. Your generosity is essential in helping to maintain the health of our parish, as well as modernize and improve our services to meet the needs of all who participate.

We understand that the term 'tithing' may seem outdated to some of you. That is why we want to emphasize that making a donation is a current and meaningful way to support St. Luke's Parish. Every contribution, large or small, makes a significant difference and helps ensure that we can continue to offer quality services to our community.

We want to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to our parish. Together, we can continue to make our parish a place where we can gather, celebrate our faith, and find comfort.

We hope you can enjoy the summer and all the pleasures it offers.


Sylvain Lauzon, priest and the parish work team 

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