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Volunteering in my parish, I believe in it!

What would be the church today without the involvement of a large number of baptized Catholics; those parishioners who give their time as volunteers because of their faith, and their real values of sharing, solidarity and social justice.

Together and with respect, these people work to transform their environment in order to make the world a better place. Holy Cross Community of Paroisse St-Luc is a place where volunteers have the opportunity to serve in various ways according to their gifts and charisms in a variety of areas.


Here are some of its ways:

  • Administration: Wardens, accounting, fund raising.

  • Artistic talents: Sing in the choir, play a music instrument, decorating for celebrations or particular pastoral activities, and for children activities.

  • Communication: Data entry for our Website and Facebook page, media, phoning.

  • Fellowship committee: Baking, preparing co/ee and the hall for social gatherings etc.…

  • Liturgy: Eucharistic ministers, Celebrants, Readers, help for baptism, weddings and funerals, ushers etc.…

  • Pastoral work: Pastoral council member, faith education, group animation for children, teenagers, accompaniment of bereaved people, the sick and the elderly.

  • Social Outreach Ministry: Thri* Shops, Food aid service, Christmas baskets- welcoming, listening and referring.

  • Technical abilities: Secretarial tasks such as reception, data entry, administrative support.

  • Social justice area: Development and Peace  Organization that work for Indigenous people such as Mission Chez nous.


For more information please call: Suzanne Marion, Pastoral Animator 450-621-5521 ext. 216



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